since 1983
UPS: Available in 1ø & 3ø;
350 Va - 160 kVa.
Power Conditioning /
Voltage Regulation:

Available in 1ø & 3ø; 500
Va - 300 kVa
ePDUs available in a
variety of sizes and
5PX features and benefits:
Extended Runtime: Add up to four extended battery modules for maximum runtime.
Virtualization-ready: Available in convenient bundles with a network card and management
software to make going virtual simple.
Efficiency: Provides industry leading efficiency of up to 99 percent.
• Energy metering: The 5PX meters energy consumption right down
to the outlet segments. No other UPS in the industry offers this
• UPS management: By integrating Eaton’s free Intelligent Power®
Software Suite, you can monitor and manage the power devices on
your network.
LCD display: Eaton’s next generation LCD offers a graphical interface which provides all
critical UPS information in a single screen view.
To provide cost effective efficient
power conditioning products to
meet your applications,
requirements, project objectives,
and individual preferences.
Schneider Electric IT
APC Small / Medium Business Products offer
Peace of Mind
APC has established a reputation over the years for
solid products that virtually pay for themselves upon
installation. Who has time to spend worrying about
system downtime? APC makes it easy for you to focus
on business growth instead of business downtime.
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Residential / Small Business
Data Power Solutions is a Manufacturers Representative and marketing partner featuring
High Efficiency Transformers, Electrical Distribution, UPS, SPD, & Power Conditioning.
deliver up to 50% LESS LOSSES than DOE 2016 Minimum Efficiency Requirement.
The E-SAVER OPAL™ Series is a
family of ultra-efficient dry-type transformers that
have been optimized for different application load profiles, to maximize energy
savings and ensure electrical system compatibility.
Selecting the Right Size transformer for the application is important for energy
savings and keeping the cost of the electrical gear down. The
available with 22 sizes to choose from between 15-1000 kVa. Other manufacturers
generally offer only 11 sizes to choose from, resulting in oversizing of the
transformer and reduced performance.
Powersmiths International Corporation is the leading manufacturer of lean
and green electrical power distribution systems. By generating electrical
savings for our customers, Powersmiths makes a positive contribution to the
environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Powersmiths technologies help schools, universities, hospitals and building
owners meet their goals for energy savings and environmental sustainability.
There are hidden energy savings in every building. At Powersmiths, we
dedicate our working day to unlocking those benefits for you.
Eaton Power-Sure 800 power
provide high quality power with
inherent surge protection, noise and
bi-directional harmonic filtering, as well as
superior isolation. These units range from office
models to floor or wall/panel mounted industrial
models and provide an excellent solution for any
application with noisy or poor power quality.
The 575 Series Meter Based SPD is Listed to the current
industry standards and stops surges right at the electric meter
before they can enter the house. The 575 Series is based on a
proven design that has been in the field since 1987. Units are
equipped with SUNBRIGHT diagnostics with 1000 MCD LEDs
that are fully visible in the brightest sunlight and have proven
reliable in the field for over 20 years. Units contain smart
sensing technology that distinguishes between surges and
overcurrent events. The product complies with all current and
proposed safety requirements. The 575 Series is a Type 1
Surge Protective Device (SPD) that is Listed to ANSI/UL 1449
3rd Edition 2009.
A 15 Year Product Warranty.
Powersmiths' Energy Station integrates an energy saving E-Saver
OPAL™ or T1000 OPAL™ transformer, a main breaker, electrical distribution
panels and a Cyberhawk power management system in a single compact unit. The
Energy Station is a practical and efficient solution that provides the lowest life
cycle cost. The Energy Station exceeds the efficiency identified by the US
Department of Energy 2016 efficiency legislation. As a result, the Energy Station
significantly outperforms other, so called, Energy Efficient" products offered by
other suppliers. The Energy Stations higher efficiency means lower operating
costs and provides a quick payback. Built to suit your specific requirements.
T1000 OPAL™ series transformers significantly exceed basic DOE 2016
requirements being optimized to provide 25% energy savings, on average, when
compared to a comparable DOE 2016 transformer feeding predominately
electronic equipment in the 50-100% loading range.
Other features include:
    a.    Harmonic mitigating type.
    b.    Low No load loss limits.
    c.    Higher efficiency under nonlinear loading for real world performance.
    d.    Low Inrush to enable use of 125% rated primary over current protection.
    e.    120% continuous duty overload capacity.
    f.     Performance Validation Reports for each unit shipped, signed by a P.E.
    g.    Lockable Hinged Door  or Integral infrared port (shown) to reduce arc
          flash risk when accessing for maintenance & thermal scans.
Eaton 9PX UPS: Delivering premium backup
power and scalable battery runtimes for servers,
voice/data networks and storage systems, the
Eaton 9PX UPS is the ideal solution for both rack
and stand-alone installations. An ENERGY STAR
qualified UPS, the 9PX graphical LCD interface
and robust power management software makes
managing your UPS easy, even in virtualized
Available in sizes 5, 6, 8, & 11 kVa.
Cyberhawk Express is a revenue accurate meter with extensive logging
capabilities that brings simplicity to data collection. Cost effectiveness, rapid deployment and
ease of use drive the configurations and capabilities of this unique meter. A variety of models are
available to meet the needs of the application.
Cyberhawk Express shines in its ability to accurately and cost effectively extract measurements
for specific equipment or groups of related circuits (e.g. lighting) from mixed load panels,
which are commonly found in buildings today, by providing errorless summation of multiple CTs
within a single meter.
To futher simplify submetering and reduce overall cost, Cyberhawk Express can measure circuits
of up to 120A directly without requiring external CTs.
Traditionally, collecting transformer data was
expensive, time consuming, error prone and
possibly dangerous due to open enclosure arc
flash risk. Powersmiths removes these
concerns by
integrating Cyberhawk TX into its transformers
for safe and reliable data collection.
Cyberhawk TX simultaneously measures the
input and output(s) of the transformer in one
meter to enable accurate measurement of
efficiency and losses. Additionally, extensive
energy, power and power quality parameters,
and comprehensive event logs of user-defined
deviations make Cyberhawk TX an
invaluable tool for informed management
E-Saver-SOL is an ultra efficient low voltage dry-type
transformer optimized to maximize energy savings for
solar applications. The advanced design of
E-Saver-SOL delivers top performance across the
full load spectrum, as demanded by the
wide load variation from extended hours at no load,
to peak loading at 100% of capacity, typical on a
daily basis.
Rotatable IR Viewing Port
Powersmiths Rotatable IR (Infrared)
Viewing Port enables safe,
non-invasive thermographic imaging of
live equipment without
exposing maintenance personnel to
electrical hazards, including
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